The company offers the following variety of services:
Trainings // Competing in todays market depends strongly on your skills using the correct tools. That includes not only knowing where to find the needed functions, but also to optimize the workflow by better understanding the way the software works.
With courses especially customized for the clients needs, I'll give you the necessary edge towards the competition. offers trainings for

3ds Max
3D Coat

3D Systems FreeForm and ClayTools.
Presentation // A presentation should be edutainment. The visitors are bombarded with information and should be attracted to the show at the same time. It is therefore important that the viewer won't get tired or even give up.
In my career I can look back on several years of live presentations for some of the biggest players in this market. I can help you present your product in an informative way and effective in advertising.
productions //
Digital editing is essential in today’s visual advertising. It's not only the bombastic effects like explosions and spaceships, but the subtle shifts in visual impression which make the difference. Adding brilliance, details and in general an ambiance is a major part of digital post production to achieve, that the producer even prefers pure digital produced images, so that one can define the exact form, movement, color and sparkle for the final picture.
Our experience ensures that your production meets your ideas from the very first idea up to the finishing touches. Since most of todays films or commercials are digitally enhanced, also the viewer is more demanding. the best one wins.
design //
As an qualified industrial designer I'll help you giving your ideas and dreams a shape that fits. In this process the main concept is never lost: form follows function. A finished product must be able to explain itself in it's usability.
If desired, I may also convert your design concepts into digital models. Those models may then be rendered as photorealistic images or may be printed as real touchable models.
Re-surfacing // The creation of animatable mesh-objects from your 3D-scans. 3D data derived from 3D scans usually is very large and difficult to handle. This is, because the more exact the resulting 3D object should be, the more and smaller faces are needed. The resulting mesh then consists of millions of small triangles. It is very difficult to adjust a texture on a structure like that. Renderings of one or several objects like that usually take a lot longer than of objects with less polygons. Also the animation of highly triangled objects is difficult and might result in undesired effects, since the triangles usually don't fit exactly in the flow where the object needs to deform.
At your data will be converted into a clean mesh. Additional structure details from the scan can also be displayed during render time or in real time by the use of "normal maps".