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Here you find all important information about us. Services, examples, references & contact information. We would be happy to advice you in 3D questions and acquire you as our customer.

in3.de offers Education ranging from beginners course to update trainings to covering specific subjects up to accompaniing you for your momentary projects in order to ensure you´ll reach the best possible results.

Additionally I offer services in production to help finding your visionary dreams a way to reality. That may be visualisations of your products or the creating of a comercial or an explanatory schematic presentation on how to use your product up to the creation of models to be realized in the real world.

For me each of those different projects is an interesting joyous ride to realize a wide diversity of AUFGABEN.
Covering the areas of teaching and production is an important mission for me.

To offer the best teachings I need to keep up to the momentary advancements made by the manufacturers to offer you the best and most recent information.

During production, on the other hand, I see what was marketing from the creators of the software and how those tools behave in a real production environment. That again is the information i can let flow into my courses to ensure you are learning the best approaches to fulfill the goals of your own creations.

A new series of video tutorials for 3ds Max is availlable at www.psd-tutorials.de.

Mike Kuhn, Autodesk Certified Instructor for 3ds Max, explains 3ds Max for beginners and advanced users.

  • 27 hours of video training of 3ds Max
  • Learning 3ds Max from A to Z
  • New Functions of version 2013 explained
  • Production proven with the trainings example Steampunk-Composing

Conclusion: 27 Hours of Video Training of 3ds Max for 3D-users and those who want to learn! 

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3ds Max Video-Training - Basics & Tricks 
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» On the shelves and availlable immediately
» As a German Download version including Cover + Label for print out!

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There are two very helpful DVDs for all 3D fans and professionals on the market, we would like to offer. First the 3dsMax basics, a quite complete DVD, not only for newbies, and the 3dsMax Pro workshop for advanced users. You would be best suited with both.